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Focus on the production, supporting and technical services of the core products of intelligent car wire-controlled chassis

Trinova is a leader in the innovation and development of China's automotive intelligent wire control system and intelligent safety technology. It has developed ABS/ESC/EPBi, eBooster, IBC (onebox), T-RES (redundant electronically controlled steering) with international advanced level. system), AEB, LKA, ADAS, wire-controlled chassis and other key components, and established technical capabilities, R&D and production systems covering the entire chain of R&D, testing, manufacturing, calibration and matching of automotive chassis electronic control products.
The company has successively won the first prize of Chongqing Science and Technology Progress Award, the third prize of Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award, and the Tianjin Invention Award; it has been supported by the independent ESC technology strong foundation project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; In the core technology of wire control system products, more than 130 national invention patents have been applied for, and nearly 60 invention patents have been authorized.

  • 200

    Ten Thousand sets

    ABS / ESC capacity

  • 40

    Ten Thousand Sets

    TBooster capacity

  • 128


    Invention patent

  • 400

    Yu Ren

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Official Announcement: Trinova Hubei Yingshan Wire-controlled Chassis Manufacturing Base and Automotive Dynamic Test Site officially started

The first-phase investment is 200 million yuan, and the total investment is expected to be 500 million yuan.

Yingchuanghuizhi adheres to both epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, and both are correct

The prevention and control of the epidemic is related to the health and life safety of employees, and production and operation are related to the overall high-quality development of the company. Both of them have great responsibilities and cannot be neglected. In the face of the current dual tasks of epidemic prevention and control and production and supply guarantee, Yingchuang Huizhi Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. insists on focusing on epidemic prevention and control in one hand, and production and supply in the other, and strives to ensure that the standard is not lowered, the intensity is not reduced, and the two hands are correct. , two promotions, and strive to ensure the full realization of the annual goals and tasks.

Embrace 2022! Yingchuang Huizhi and you go after your dreams

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What is the energy recovery of new energy vehicles?

A big difference between new energy vehicles (here refers to hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles including extended-range electric vehicles) and traditional vehicles is that new energy vehicles have an energy recovery system. So, what is energy recovery? How is it achieved? What is it related to? Next, this article will explain the energy recovery of new energy vehicles in a more popular way.

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