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Focus on the production, supporting and technical services of the core products of intelligent car wire-controlled chassis

Trinova, China's automotive intelligent wire control technology leader, has developed with the international advanced level of ESC/EPBi, TBS, ADAS, T-RES, T-EPB, T-IBC and other key products of wire control chassis, and has a full chain product development and production system covering product research and development, testing, manufacturing, calibration and matching. The company was founded in 2016, the core team from Tsinghua University, the field of online control chassis has more than 20 years of technology accumulation, and has a complete independent intellectual property rights. At present, Trinova takes Beijing Yizhuang R & D Center, Tianjin manufacturing base, Hubei Yingshan Manufacturing Center and real car test field as the three strategic fulcrum, and has built a fully automated production assembly workshop with an annual output of 3 million sets, and has carried out large-scale supporting with many well-known automobile enterprises.

Trinova adheres to independent innovation and open communication, and is determined to contribute to the national automobile industry by providing first-class products and technologies to serve the autonomous and controllable strategic goals of China's automobile industry.

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Trinova is invited to attend the 2024 China International New Energy Vehicle Technology Parts Exhibition to seek new opportunities for the development of the automotive supply chain

On February 28th, the China International Exhibition of New Energy Vehicle Technology Parts and Services opened grandly at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. 284 supply chain enterprises, 62 automotive companies, and 17 embassies in China participated in the exhibition. As a leader in China's automotive wire control technology, Trinova made its debut at this grand event with multiple wire control chassis series products.

Trinova: Integrated Line Control System T-IBC (Onebox) Small Batch Production Offline

On the last day of 2023, the T-IBC production line on the first floor of Trinova's Beijing headquarters was officially launched. The first batch of T-IBC mass-produced parts underwent strict process testing on the production line and were mass-produced. They were then sent in batches to the Yingchuang Precision (Yingshan) testing site and the Heihe Polar Cold Zone testing site for high-low adhesion cross validation and matching calibration.

Trinova completed nearly 600 million Series C financing

Recently, Trinova completed a Series C financing of nearly 600 million yuan. This round of financing is led by multiple industry side funds such as Guojiang Fund (invested by Jianghuai), BAIC Investment, Intelligent Automobile Fund (Shaanxi Automobile), and SMIC Xicheng. Multiple new and old shareholders, including Longding Investment, Guoxin High level Talent Fund, Huakong Fund, Yichen Capital, Shanghai Guohe, Kailian Capital, and CITIC Capital, also participate in the investment.

Trinova won the "2023 Excellent Supplier Award" from Jiangqi Group and BAIC Motor Corporation

On December 21st, the 2024 Supply Chain Partner Conference of Jiangqi Group, with the theme of "Quality Leading, Win Win Future", was held in Hefei. Trinova, as a strategic partner of Jiangqi Group, was invited to participate and has been highly recognized by customers for its contributions in product matching, new technology application, and independent technology in the field of chassis wire control. It has also been awarded the "Jiangqi Group 2023 Excellent Supplier" award.

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